'Ten Days Of Silence' A solo show by Lauren Baker

6 - 29 May 2022 Solo

These artworks are reflections of her experiences over ten days of silent meditation in Mexico. They are echoes of the artist's deep dive with the ego, an exploration of a path to enlightenment, a visual depiction of the energy of love in the form of love letters. She writes these love letters to her past and future lovers, to herself, to the earth, to the universe. 
The multidisciplinary artist will be revealing new works using neon light, mosaic, and metal sculpture, as well as works on canvas and print.
She explores contemporary and ancient symbolism and rituals to explore dreams, vision, love and spirituality. Symbolism is the movement of art seeking to represent absolute truths.
The new mystical works involve Yantra’s. A Yantra is a symbol which you stare at to gain spiritual enlightenment.


99 Projects - 99 Chamberlayne Rd, London NW10 3ND 


wednesday  11am–6pm
Thursday 11am–6pm
Friday 11am–6pm
Saturday 11am–6pm
Sunday 11am–4pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed