KINETICA presents INVISIBLE REALM : Lauren Baker Gallery, 28 Floral Street, WC2E 9DP, London

8 June - 14 July 2018 Group

Lauren Baker Contemporary and Kinetica host a very special closing party of Invisible RealmExploring the unseen,on the evening of 13 July at 28 Floral St, Covent Garden.


From 6:30pm there will be talks and performances illustrating how artists are working with new technologies to challenge our sensory experience.

Tony Langford, co-founder of Kinetica, will be in conversation at 6:45pm with Tamara Russell, a neuroscientist and director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, as Tony presents his research on new immersive media.


Between 8:30pm-9pm Mathew Emmett will present Double Skin, a performance interrogating how architecture changes our behaviour resulting in alterations in perception, mood and consciousness.


Throughout the evening Lauren Baker invites you to experience a live metaphysical art experience of aura photography through a process that visually captures the electromagnetic energy given off by a person.


Ben Hardy & Zahara MuñozVicens from Strange Pill explore an approach to music that has textures beyond the realm of sound during their talk at 7:30pm & acoustic performance following at 8pm.


About Invisible RealmExploring the unseen

Things which are seen are temporary, things which are not seen are eternal.

Installation Views