Tate Exchange: Tate Exchange, London, UK

26 - 28 July 2019 Solo

Letter To Mother Earth – an installation by Lauren Baker

Exploring a eutopic connection to nature, Lauren Baker presents 'Letter To Mother Earth'. Her art piece comes in the form of a sound wave letter as she sends an open apology for the last 100 years of destruction and neglect on behalf of the human race. After taking part in ceremonies with shamans in the Amazon Jungle, the artist felt a profound connection and understanding of the wisdom of plants. Inspired by plant frequencies, participants are invited to create sound wave messages to express their connection to nature, resulting in the creation of visual digital art. The artist gifts tree seeds via test tubes with tree-like hand-blown roots, along with sharing her vision to plant trees in the Rainforest, supporting One Tree Planted charity.


Plant bioacoustics refers to the creation of sound waves by plants. The intelligent communication between plants, trees and humans is a new frontier of exploration, as the concept of plant consciousness; that plants have the awareness to make decisions and communicate with each other, is fast gaining ground in the scientific world. Tree consciousness operates up to 24 Htz, meaning that it falls within the range of human consciousness.

COMMUNE is a new micro-festival of art, ecology and community action inviting all to come together to explore the Commons through workshops, artistic performances and installations.


Installation Views