Atzaro 20th Anniversary X Ecstasy and Agony Gallery

30 June - 31 August 2024 Group

Exhibition Dates: 30 June - 31 Aug 2024
Launch event: 8pm 1st July 2024

Address: Agroturismo ATZARO ibiza, Diseminado P 12, Sta Eulalia, 153, 07849, Illes Balears, Spain


Presented by Agony + Ecstasy Gallery

As part of the exhibition Lauren Baker will be unveiling three new Megalith Totem paintings, and a large textile wall hanging.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless stones of Stonehenge and the symbolic Inukshuks, these new creations, include 'third eyes,' to represent both the living energy within the natural world, and the connection to our ancestors. 

Made using dye, inks, Himalayan salt, acrylic, and bleach on fine art paper, the paintings show a vibrant array of colours and textures. The textile piece scales up these megalith structures, utilising cotton, upcycled fabric and threads, acrylic, and wool, to embody both the organic softness and hardness of the structures.