‘Transition’ Exhibition, The Club at The Ivy

May 1, 2016

British artist Lauren Baker, whose work has already graced the walls and halls of the Tate Modern and the V&A, has a brand new solo exhibition – TRANSITION – at the iconic and newly refurbished The Club at The Ivy on July 31st.

In her first solo show for two years, Baker has created a wide breadth of stunning pieces that range from her signature sculpture work, including a resin tiger skull painted in strikingly vibrant patterns and a crystal encrusted T- Rex head.


Baker’s explosive arrival into the art scene has very unorthodox roots. She didn’t go to art school, instead her journey into art began by quitting her job and traveling to the Peruvian Amazon. She spent time with shamans learning from them and experiencing the profound effects of being immersed in nature, leaving with a new found sense of purpose and determination that has led her to unprecedented success in only four years as an artist.


More info at https://fadmagazine.com/2015/07/31/lauren-baker/ 


Solo show by Lauren Baker at The Ivy
Artwork / Directed by Lauren Baker
Featuring Charlie Mayhew
Filmed and edited by Tal Amiran