Mutual Art

Bianca Spaggiari /MutualArt, October 23, 2020

Lauren Baker is a British multidisciplinary artist engaging with mixed media. Her artistic creation is unique and stands for freedom, self-determination, and the outcome of a life-changing turning point.



Once leading an ordinary employee life, she came across the New York Times best seller ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, and in 2012 she quit her job and left chilly Britain to travel across sunny South America. There she joined a mosaic street-art project in Brazil and opted in ceremonies with shamans in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, where, surrounded by intense vegetation and rich flora and fauna, she learned about universal energies and how to connect by spiritual means of living. Of this stage in her life Lauren recalls how inspiring it was to join a street art project in Brazil with its intention to cheer people up and communicate messages of positivity.


Deeply stirred and motivated to make positivity and spirituality her daily mantras, she came back an artist and joined a mosaic school in Venice too. Although mosaics are no longer part of her artistic process, good energies and vibrations, as well as kindness and awareness of the afterlife are still core principles.