Evolve Your Voice

Creativity talk and Q&A with Skyla Grayce

Lauren Baker Contemporary presents a creativity talk and Q&A with Skyla Grayce.


Skyla Grayce is a screenwriter, creative and communications consultant. Storytelling is her passion and developing a new way forward for online content is her latest adventure.

Skyla is shifting how we talk about our creations from a place of what we can get from our audience to what we can give. Transforming our followers into our friends and flipping the hard sale, scarcity buy ‘get it now’ campaigns to what it means to lean back into the authenticity of our creations. What it means to trust ourselves to share the deeper messages of our businesses and clean up our energy and intention behind our presence online. This talk will look at the identities we create in order to feel safe enough to create online and how it is these identities that turn off our natural flow of creativity and keep us stuck in a space of proving, defending our image and performing authenticity.


If you are interested in diving into the possibility of what it could mean to you to start creating conscious content and what it means to have a sustainable image online. Come and explore the expression of your authentic voice 2-4pm on Sunday 19 August. Can’t wait to see you there.


Book your free place at info@laurenbakerart.com

August 19, 2018