Mission to Plant 8888 Trees in the Amazon

Click here to plant trees via donation.

Lauren Baker presents a large-scale, multi-sensory installation. A three and half metre white ethereal tree sculpture is the centre piece for ripples of light frequencies to ricochet. The light installation is woven with the smells and sounds of the Amazon, taking over the fairs entrance. Lauren is an MT ART AGENCY artist and her projects support reforestation of the Amazon rainforest.


The project is titled “An Open Dialogue with Nature” and depicts the sound waves of her voice reading “A Letter to Mother Earth,” an apology letter to nature for the last 100 years of destruction and neglect on behalf of the human race, projected onto the tree structure. As the light frequency sound waves reach the end of the branches, you hear sounds from the Amazon (such as tropical thunder storms, windy trees, bird and animal noises) echoing back an expression from nature being receptive to our apology.


A card reader in the installation takes tap payments enabling people to easily contribute to plant trees in the Amazon via ONE TREE PLANTED charity.


With special thanks to MT Art Agency, The Other Art Fair and SVAcoustics for their support on this project.

January 16, 2020