We Are All Artists

Lauren Baker Gallery, Covent Garden

Ever wanted to improve your creativity but didn’t know how?

Artist and creativity coach Chairman Kato has the answer.

From years of teaching creativity a broad range of people, from doctors to members of the homeless population, Kato has developed a four part exercise that breaks down the creative process into simple practical steps. The exercise draws on the power of meditation, unleashing inspiration and focus, no matter where you are in your artistic journey or your chosen artform. We welcome dancers, musicians, film makers, painters, writers- everyone will benefit from this process equally.
This workshop will show you that creativity has nothing to do with ‘talent’, it’s about tapping the universal creative potential that lies within all of us. By the end of the in depth session you will have direct experience of this yourself.

Hosted at the Lauren Baker gallery this event will be an opportunity to hone your approach to creativity and also meet other like minded people through the group discussions. Tickets are very limited and will sell out fast so book now to make sure you can join us.


December 3, 2018