SHAMANISM - CURATED BY JAMES PUTMAN (Postponed due to COVID-19): Gallery 46 Whitechapel, London, UK

25 March - 21 April 2020 Group

* * *

GALLERY46 in light of the latest government directive and in consideration for public welfare announce that 'SHAMANISM' will be postponed until further notice. 

New dates will be announced when appropriate - Thanks for your understanding. 

Our thoughts go out to all those whose health is impacted here in London, across the UK, Europe and the world.

Thank you for your support and keep well.


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'Shamanism' is a group exhibition curated by James Putnam that aims to explore a shamanistic tendency in contemporary art practice. Shamanism is a universal phenomenon that relates to humanity’s relationship to art and spirituality through nature with its roots in the cultures of indigenous peoples. Yet the term is increasingly used in a wider context to encompass many aspects of alternative healing and creative practice.


It could be argued that nowadays artists have taken over the role of the shaman to see beyond the domain of everyday reality to the realms of the metaphysical. Like art, shamanism is a calling, a means of exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness as if in communion with an external force or ‘spirit’. Making a work of art can similarly involve a process of metamorphosis, insights, visions and dreams, in a quest for life’s deeper meaning. Both art and shamanism use the realm of metaphor to express feeling. As the visionary artist Joseph Beuys (1921-86) said, 'through shamanism, I refer to the fatal character of the times we live in. But at the same time I also point out that the fatal character of the present can be overcome in the future.' The project is intended to evoke the audience’s connection to the natural world and to feel part of an all-inclusive collective vision of our ancestor’s bond with nature. It offers a platform to raise their awareness and respect for nature and inspire their personal activism to effect change.


Private View: TBC

General Entry: TBC

Opening Hours: 13:00 - 18:00 (Tue – Sat); Sunday by appointment (please ring office for entry)


Events Programme (details and dates are coming soon):

- Cosmo Cafe

- Shamanic Sound Artist Sessions

- 6.30-7.30pm Shamanic Journey Circle

- 8-9 pm Shamanic Sound Ceremony


Price: £12 each or £20 for both  (ticket link coming soon)


Address: 46 Ashfield St, Whitechapel, London, E1 2AJ