Baker's 'Nature is Watching' series, inspired by her time in the Amazon jungle, delves into the silent wisdom of the natural world. The surreal anthropomorphic creations explore humanity's responsibilities towards earth, with tree-like plants sprouting ‘third’ eyes.

Baker's 'Totem Tribe' reminds us to connect to nature and the elements, through community, spirituality and symbolism. Inspired by her time with indigenous tribes and shamans in South and Central America as well as megalithic sites of Stonehenge and the piled stones of Inuksuks. The artist was also inspired by Jungian archetypes and it was created with the energy of talisman, charms and amulets so the totems become a natural focus point for sacred gatherings.

Both series intertwine to explore humanity's relationship with itself and the natural environment, unveiling interconnectedness and unity.