‘Bones Of The Earth’… is part of the ‘Megalith Totems’ body of work, inspired by megalithic sites including; Stonehenge and the piled stones of Inukshuks. The ancient stones feature anthropomorphic shapes, connecting us to our ancestors, reminding us that the natural world is alive. Some say that Ancient stones are like the bones of the earth.

‘Letters To’…. Burnt scribbles were transformed into hand-sewn sound-wave letters to nature. During her ten days of silence she wrote and wrote. Pondering on existence and considering that which is beyond the self. The letters were love letters; To my ex lover, To my future lovers, To earth, To the wilderness, To the sky and the ocean. Baker's work explores the fragility of life and new beginnings born from chaos and destruction. The letters weren't meant to be sent. The energy of the writing was enough to express and let go. To let the ripples of the thoughts be free.

Video showing how the process of the Letters, shot in a desert in the Middle East:

‘Explosion Books’…. Inspired by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, which revealed over a 100 billion galaxies, presenting the true vastness and immensity of the universe. The ‘Explosion’ artworks explore the Big Bang and the intriguing beauty born from destruction and chaos. The selected books all explore notions of creation expanding from fields of philosophy, through to physics. The artist hired a quarry in which the books were exploded using pyrotechnics, before being further chemically aged, and finally crystallised.

Below is a link to a video showing how it was made: